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Times and moments August 25, 2009

Saturday was an impossibly hot day. Humid and sticky. Walking to the train quickly became an annoyance. Shirts get sticky, shorts get sticky, underwear gets sticky. You slurp down your home-mixed ice tea while you watch the ice cubes melt at record pace.

You drive 3 stops and you are downtown. You walk around.

There are moments, where I suddenly look around and realize that this place has truly become a home.

4 years ago next month, I left my wasband for good. I had separated in May, but it suddenly strikes me now, as I sit here, that I will be closing on my condo the SAME day I arrived in Boston 4 years ago.

I arrived with two suitcases.

A carry-on.

A dog who was with my parents waiting to join me.

No home. One friend in Boston. Didn’t know anybody. No prospect to find a job. No apartment. No support. No alimony.

4 years later, I walk through these streets and they are my streets.

I stroll through the Financial District giving tourists advice where to go, where to eat.

I have kissed boys on more than one of these street corners and I have fallen in like and I have cried a few tears here. Good and sad.

4 years later.

The day I arrived here with nothing. Now I am likely going to sign the final documents to get the keys to my own place.

I walk through these streets and people greet me now and I get home and I have two dogs sitting on top of me.

Life is not perfect. Life will never be perfect. But life is good most days. Some days close to perfect.

I love the person I am. I love that I stood up for myself. I love that I left someone who wasn’t good for me. I love my neighborhood, my friends, my work.

Life is not perfect, but good. And good makes me feel content. And feeling content most days of your week is actually a pretty big deal, because if you constantly strive for life to be just a little bit better, you are never at peace.

I am going to be getting the keys to my first place the same day I arrived in this city crumbled, scared, sad and pissed off with nothing but my firm believe that I deserve better, that I can do better. I had that firm BELIEF, but I didn’t BELIEVE it.

Took me a few years to actually believe it and now I am here.


23 Responses to “Times and moments”

  1. Mid-Life Progress Says:

    Fabulous!!! You are going to make me cry!!! Congratulations – enjoy every moment of it!

  2. Melissa Riley Says:

    Hi fives sistah…you are one empowered woman. I am wishing you much happiness and contentment as you begin the next leg of the journey in your new home!

  3. tallredamanda Says:

    Outstanding. Amazing, well-written post, dear. I’m so happy for you!!

  4. AmyB Says:

    This is my favorite post by you ever. You have arrived, in your city and in your own heart and mind. I’m so happy for you and in awe of all you’ve been able to accomplish in your life. CONGRATS!!! :)

    • fabulouslyinboston Says:

      Dude. Had I known you’d give it SUCH A LABEL OF APPROVAL, I would have, uhm, done a better job. :)

  5. Jenny Says:

    So awesome, I just got laid off from my job and I’m feeling a little bit like you felt four years ago. This is very inspiring, congratulations!!!!!

    • fabulouslyinboston Says:

      Darling, I skipped the parts about shitty jobs, working 7 days per week and getting laid off. Getting laid of is a really tough thing to go through. SO. TOUGH. You have all my positive thoughts and if I’d pray I’d say prayers, but since I don’t pray, I just send good vibes, lots of positive energy and a few internet cupcakes :) You will make it through that. Promise.

  6. Maribeth Says:

    I am standing up and applauding you!!!! I am so glad I met you, both online and in person! You are an amazingly wonderful woman!
    Giant Hugs!!!

  7. tobeannounced Says:


    There are SO many drinks and laughs in our future. As soon as everything goes down, we shall celebrate!

  8. That’s how we Germans are: Hardworking women!!! Always and forever! :) Good luck with your new home!!!

  9. NSA IW Says:

    So proud of you. You have overcome so much, and will keep growing and conquering the world!!!! Congrats girl!!


  10. Armando Says:

    I can’t believe it’s been 4 years and how much you’ve done. You are simply incredible and I’m so glad you ended up here. I can’t wait to see you… in your new home. We love you, babe!!

    • fabulouslyinboston Says:

      Possums, meet my only friend in Boston and the man who gave me his sofa, ear and support for the first two months and ever since I moved here. I am very lucky you and Glenn are my family, Mando:-) love you much:) lani says she loves you more… Competitive thing that:-)

  11. Glenn & Armando Says:

    Wow. 4 years already. I remember the day we picked you up at the airport like it was just yesterday. Congratulations for following your heart and not being willing to settle for ‘good enough’.

    We love you!

    • fabulouslyinboston Says:

      I so remember that too!!! And look at who is getting married:-)))) love you guys so much. So lucky to have you in my life.

  12. miss crazy Says:

    this whole thing – post and comments – totally made me tear up. in fact, still teared up here. a) yes, i AM a crybaby but b) it’s just that i’m SO happy for you and that makes me cry. you rock. and i really hope we can meet up some time soon so i can hug you. that’s all.

  13. Not So Little Woman Says:

    Perhaps one of the best posts you’ve ever written. So heartfelt and so beautiful.

    Did you know that you are one of my inspirations? The fact that you went through what you went through and came out stronger, happier, inspires me to do the same.

    Congrats on the closing date. Life has a strange way of rewarding us and making things have deeper meanings, no?


  14. Lori Says:

    Amen to that post!

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