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Bathroom musings…. August 28, 2009

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….the future new place has wonderful slate tile floors.

YES. I have photos. No, I will not post them for fear of jinxing anything, but they look kind of like this:
multi gray greenSo, internet, I want to go with these colors:
BambooBlueTowelsF8-1BambooBathTowelsPeelF7-1Trust me, it will look good. The tile doesn’t really look exactly like mine…SO….I want to find these colors, but I don’t want to pay $30 per towel.

Thoughts? :) Research with me, possums. Research! :)


10 Responses to “Bathroom musings….”

  1. Alison Says:

    Today and tomorrow JC Penny is having a sale on towels. They are $3.88/ea. (Fri 3pm-10pm, Sat 9am-1pm). Or the Home Goods/TJ Maxx in Square One Mall usually has a decent selection of towels.

  2. tallredamanda Says:


    I’ll poke around a little and see what I can find. :-)

  3. Kate Says:

    Have you looked at Restoration Hardware? Most of their stuff is way out of my budget but for some reason their towels are always on sale. I love them, and buy them periodically.

  4. Not So Little Woman Says:

    IKEA? Or do yo not like their stuff? I will try to think what else I can find.

    • fabulouslyinboston Says:

      Love IKEA….I think I found some on Overstock though. Now I still have to wait til closing. No buying before:)

  5. Lori Says:

    I heart slate floors :)

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