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Dramaaaaaa September 1, 2009

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This entire condo buying process is annoying me at this point.

What happened yesterday:

Bank to me: ” Please read below.”

I read email from seller: “Do we have a closing date? The buyer of unit X would like to close ASAP but needs to close the same time with Fabulous.”

Me to bank: ” The SELLER gave us our new closing date 10 days ago. Why is he asking for a closing date?”

Realtor to seller: “When are the repairs going to be complete. My client could close early, but repairs need to be complete.”

Seller to my realtor: “I think the repairs are complete.”


Seller to my realtor: “The other buyer has no where else to go.”

Me to my realtor: ” That’s bad planning.”

I swear. This is RIDICULOUS.

Even better.

I think my lawyer made a major mistake. Not one that would be completely detrimental, but one that makes me so angry, someone will have to pay today…..and that will likely be my lawyer. She has til 10 am to get back to me. If she doesn’t, I will hunt her ass down.


11 Responses to “Dramaaaaaa”

  1. Marcia Says:

    Rare is the closing without drama. Continue to be tough and monitor what is happening. It will all work out.
    So happy for you….soon it will be time to settle in and enjoy all your new space.

  2. NSA IW Says:

    Honey please check – I can see the last post without a password – is it protected?

    • fabulouslyinboston Says:

      No worries, no panic attacks ;) But what annoys me is the sweet talk, the niceness all of that. Why DO all of that if you are not interested enough? Why lead a woman on thinking you are into her, just to vanish. I don’t mind if they decide or I decide it ain’t happening, but don’t make weekend plans, don’t tell me how much you like me and all of that. YA know.
      Anyway. I digress. Wish I could afford therapy again, but can’t. But no panic attacks here. Just annoyance and resignation.

      • NSA IW Says:

        I hear you. In my experience the most dysfunctional of the bunch were in it for the conquest (without their conscious awareness of such a thing) – they *meant* it when they said all those things and made plans, but then in their own men-way, all of a sudden (without knowing why), once I started to reciprocate, they weren’t interested anymore. The other winners I have dated had their own defense mechanism against intimacy which manifested as ‘false intimacy’ – ie getting in it WAY too fast for how well we knew each other (making long term plans on 2nd or 3rd date, one guy even made me talk to his mom on a 3rd date on the phone) – they truly wanted to feel that way and I wanted it to be real. Unfortunately neither ended up being the case and it kept crashing and burning after 3 weeks, me always confused and insulted afterwards.

        WEll anyway. Annoyance and resignation is fair enough!!

    • fabulouslyinboston Says:

      All protected posts should show up for you since you have the password. Confused me the first time too :) But now I go to friends blog and even the protected ones show up because I had the password and saved it.

  3. Adam Gaffin Says:

    Oh, yes, closing drama. At one point during ours, our broker turned to the selling broker and asked “Why are you being such a bitch?” And said bitch didn’t even bring the keys with her!

    You’ll get through it and then you’ll love your new place.

    • fabulouslyinboston Says:

      Thank you for that!!! SO TRUE. One of my friends said that he has no idea how a first time homebuyer who is less informed than me would deal with it…hehehe. He said “You are the toughest negotiator and they can’t get away with ANYTHING”…so that’s a nice kudos from him, but still gives me headaches.

  4. san Says:

    Hey, sorry for commenting so late, but yay for moving over to WordPress! You’ll show up in my Google Reader again, which is a plus!, and I am sure you’ll come to love it.

    Good luck with sorting out this broker drama!

  5. Alison Says:

    Sorry things aren’t going easy for you! I can’t even imagine trying to buy my own place! At least you know that once it’s all finished you’ll have a place to call your own, it’s in a great spot and you and the dogs will love it :)

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