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Options September 3, 2009

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I was sitting here thinking that dating is just like wallpaper. Lots of options, lots of loosers, however, I think I picked a winner.

Although I did get distracted late yesterday afternoon by some beautiful Anthropology wallpaper that I might order, I am heavily leaning toward option E.

But check out the Anthropolgy one and tell me what you think. It’s amazing. 4 years ago I was digging their dresses, but now that they have gone all hobo chic, I can’t stand most of their stuff anymore. Usually their decoration stuff is too expensive and frankly, $50 for a roll of wallpaper is insane, but it’s only one wall in a fairly small room. Nevertheless, I have to assess how much more I like this one, since Option E is about $22 per roll. This one is $50. That’s $66 vs $150. I know I will live with this for a long time, so I am not going to pinch pennies, but I do have to like it twice as much more to shell out that extra dinero.

In other news:

A: Bank called. I am free and clear to close. I don’t even have to wait for the other person to close BUT I do have to be satisfied with the repairs that the seller hasn’t done yet. So while the seller is up my ass to close, it’s really UP TO HIS ASS to finish repairs asap, so that I can walk through again and tell my bank it’s a go.

b: I am anxious as hell about getting my new closing date. It makes me really angry when seller goes “hurry up” and I am all ready to go and now he’s dragging his feet.

C: I need a hug. :(


7 Responses to “Options”

  1. miss crazy Says:

    totally sending you a BIG, FAT HUG! you know what i think about the wallpaper and if you even have to think about it, go for the 22$ one. the extra $$ is only worth it if it’s a 1000% yes, yes, yes! otherwise i say E it is ;)

  2. rima Says:

    I usually love Anthropologie home decor stuff, but honestly? This wallpaper reminds me too much of a Rorschach inkblot! I still like your other (coincidentally cheaper!) options.

    Also, if Maybe Nickname doesn’t make plans this weekend, perhaps the other lucky guy you were dating recently should be put back on rotation??

  3. Maribeth Says:

    You know, whatever you decide will be FABULOUS!

  4. san Says:

    I like E… go with E! It’s cheaper too! :)

    Oh, and here a big fat HUG!

  5. charlotte Says:

    E is better. Save your money for martinis. Priorities, you know–gotta have ’em.

    Also: BIIIIIIIIIIIIG HUG! And if this were Little Miss Kickboxer, she’d plant a BIG SLOPPY open-mouthed … openmouth on your nose.

    I need a hug, too.

  6. Maribeth Says:

    Good News! Two of my babies Claus (green) and Caspar (blue) have found forever homes!

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