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IKEA September 6, 2009

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If IKEA were a man, I would hit on IKEA how men really want to get hit on.

“Wanna fuck?”


So, IKEA, as ever, did not dissappoint. I went Saturday with a list and calculator and noted all of the items I needed plus the items I am hoping to get at some point. I am happy to report that I should be able to do most of what I want to do right away.

I actually think I can do all of it, but I am careful with that assessment. First we need to write the final check to the bank and then we re-calculate.

I will now figure out what to wear for the Hampton Classics.

Apparently I am going to a VIP event at a fancy horse-show sponsored by Hermes and some great champagner brand. Related: Free food, open bar, great service and, most importantly, my awesome new $12 sunglasses that look exactly like the $180 Ray-Bans I wanted. Also related: I can’t wear high heels,   because the event tent is on grass. WTF. Flat shoes and me? No good. There will also be a ton of Germans there. I haven’t been surrounded with that species since I was in Germany last…at least not by “a lot” of them.

Call me lucky, possums. Call me lucky.


5 Responses to “IKEA”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Have a fab day Head Possum!! And let me know when you are ready to go back to IKEA and make purchases – I have been wanting to go and I have a hatchback :o) I also have friends with SUVs who will swap cars for the day!

  2. rima Says:

    WEDGES! Wear wedge heels! A lady shouldn’t have to wear flats when she wants to wear heels!

  3. Alison Says:

    Ah yes, I was recently drooling over the pages of the new IKEA catalog. We’ll be furnishing our new place with IKEA, too.

  4. charlotte Says:

    Wear wedges! They work well on grass (and yes, you may thank one of them darn wedding shows on the Style channel for that tip).

    I want to go to something upscale and lovely, too!

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