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Well, let’s see September 24, 2009

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I’ll still give you more time to vote, but I get the idea.

In November I will be traveling to India for the very first time. I am excited about it and looking forward to it. I have been wanting to go to India for many years, but have never found the time or opportunity or money for that matter, to actually go.
It’s interesting how you are drawn to place and suddenly, now, it completely makes sense that I am going to India this year. I truly believe things don’t happen without a reason and as I am going into a new phase in life, voila, it makes sense.
There are many things I am intrigued with in India, aside from culture, people, customs.
I know I will see poverty like I have never seen before and I know that that will have an forever impact on me. I think, in our fast paced world, our comfortable world, we often get complacent about what really matters and I think we all need reality checks every now and then to realize how lucky we are.
I am looking forward to that being part of my reality check and I know it will motivate me even more to do good in this world and bring more good into the world.
I am fortunate to work for a cause I deeply believe in and I know that we do matters, but I still want to do more and encourage others to do more.

We have truly been entrusted with a beautiful planet and it hurts me that there is so much suffering here, so much pollution, so many problems, but I also believe that we can still fix it.

As part of my trip, I am also trying to find a place where I can retreat for a few days and meditate and do some other things I actually enjoy. I don’t always or often write about my own spiritual journey, but I was encouraged this weekend to share more of it, as it might be fun and interesting and inspiring for some to read. So here goes, because I know “You’re out there”.


2 Responses to “Well, let’s see”

  1. Maribeth Says:

    You should talk to Hubby before you go. He went there several times with trips across the country. He took the train, hired cars and walked and saw so much. Yes, it changes you forever.

  2. Marcia Says:

    Change is possible, and I am certain you make a difference everyday. May your trip be further inspiring and life changing on many levels. Stepping outside oneself always creates tremendous new energy for us and those around us. You remind me of the importance, and I look forward to hearing about the trip.

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