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And it goes on… September 28, 2009

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Last night I went to Ecco’s for a few copas de vino tinto and found a new wine I adore. Who would have thought. I thought I was forever in Malbec territory, but I was proven wrong. The Italians do make good red wine and this red is competing with my Argentinian wine.

As I was getting ready debating what to wear, I pulled out a pair of Banana Republic jeans that I hadn’t touched for 3 months or so. I figured that it would be  a disaster putting them on since I had been wearing my fat jeans for, uhm, 3 months?

Voila. Fit perfectly with a bit room to spare.

WTF, body image. Seriously. The Banana jeans aren’t my skinny jeans. My skinny jeans are my leather pants and frankly, I am getting to the point to retire them. I mean, they were bought in the “I am getting a divorce and working out cause that’s the only way I can keep sane and I am not really eating so fuck it all” phase. Not sure why in my mind I have the expectation to properly wear them again. But it seems once a year a do put them on and they fit – for a few weeks. Clearly not my “happy weight”. More of my “stressed out” weight leather pants.

Anyway. So I am totally wearing my Banana Republic Jeans to work today with a funky colorful coat.

It’s a grey and a bit of a rain stormy day in Boston. I got up this morning, walked out of my building, looked at the skyline and the skyline of Boston looked like painted in watercolors. Kind of beautiful.  I don’t think I am always open to see that type of beauty. Thanks, Universe for reminding me ;)

I have one more car load of stuff at the old place. Soon I will take some great photos of my new space and show it off. :) I am so proud. This feels so much like home already.


3 Responses to “And it goes on…”

  1. Maribeth Says:

    I’m so proud of you! What an accomplishment!

  2. marcia Says:

    Lovely, lovely day and so happy you see all the beauty!
    So excited for you about the new place. Can’t wait to see the photos.

  3. charlotte Says:

    Wow, jeans to work! So proud of you! Glad you feel that, at this stage of your life, you can leave the leather pants behind.

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