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Traveling and travel plans! October 1, 2009

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I hope y’all are sitting on your asses.

I bought a pair of pants from EDDIE BAUER yesterday. Oh yes, you read right.  I mean. You know how I dress. This is a momentous ocassion. But I have to prepare for India and I really can’t be jumping around in my summer dresses with my boobs and legs hanging out when I am traveling on a train.

Even funnier. I joked about the purchase on Facebook and one of my best friends in Iceland immediately picked the correct pair of pants I purchased. That’s HILARIOUS. She knows me well.  I digress.

I also bought my two guide books to India and Goa.

So, here is my little India update. So far so good. I am leaving November 14 and flying my ass through Munich to Mumbai. I am arrivng at the ungodly hour of 1 am and will be picked up by my friends. We will all stay awake and take the 4 am flight to our next destination.

There we will shop and get ready for wedding for several days and I get to see my friend’s hometown. Extremely excited about that. I was told that I am considered a family member, so I might be assigned a task at the wedding. Sure. No problem. Just don’t put me on the singles table, I don’t do that one. ;)

After the wedding, which lasts days, I am either taking the train or riding with Uncle back to the airport in Mumbai where I will take a flight to…….GOA!!!!!! HELL YES!

I found an amazing retreat in Goa. I am very excited but am waiting to hear back from my friend who called the place last night. Hopefully anyway. I need a few questions answered…..mostly important questions…..can I get the eco-hut on the beach with solar powered hot water and western toilet en-suite? YES YES YES YES YES.

As a guest there I can take yoga classes and massages and such and do some searching and finding of shells on the beach. Take walks, read.

I want to read a lot. Work on my inner balance more. Dream, breathe and just be me. Hopefully that retreat will work out! If not, there are others. Then my flight back to Boston leaves at 3 fucking a.m.

Related: The only piece of technology I am probably taking with me is my camera. No iphone, no computer, no nothing. Might have to buy some extra memory cards, since I can’t download the photos and I know my camera is going to fill up ASAP.

When I come back, I am in Boston 2.5 weeks before leaving for Germany. Wowsie.

Let’s see. Next year’s travel plans are shaping up a bit faster than anticipated.

1. Long weekend trip to Iceland in the spring.

2. Really want to go to China next year or Africa.

3. One of my old college friends just moved back to the Big Island. I would love to go visit her.

4. Germany.

Probably going to do 3 out of those 4. Not sure if Hawaii fits in next year……..Iceland is a must due to visiting of little baby. Germany is obviously a must and I would love to hit another foreign country I have not been to.


5 Responses to “Traveling and travel plans!”

  1. Steffi Says:

    If you are going to Africa, let me know where to!!
    Perhaps I can give you some tips and infos. It’s a great country by the way. ;-)

  2. Charlotte Says:

    You bought PANTS????

    Where are my smelling salts?

    So jealous about your fabulous India trip. Will you be posting from there? I’ll be drooling in vicarious anticipation …

  3. Not So Little Woman Says:

    You know I’m planning on being in Mexico for the summer next year. My grandpa’s house is your house. Imagine the fun! We can also hit the beach there…

  4. Nicole Says:

    WOW. I have never been anywhere cool!! I want to be albe to travel!! Have FUN and BE SAFE!!! I am so jealous!!


  5. san Says:

    Wow, that sounds wonderful. Can I come?

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