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Well, let’s see October 6, 2009

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I came home last night and took the dogs for a long walk.

I listened to a song a boy sent me until I knew the text. Great song. Love.

I watched Criminal Minds.

Then I read my “Girfriend’s Guide to India” book half-way through and already learned at least 10 things that will be helpful

Most importantly: Where can I get DEED insect repellant.  Seriously need to know this. Mosquitos already love me, but they might want to MAKE LOVE to me. I mean, the guide speaks of mosquito bites in places we don’t want them EVER. Oh my god. That sounds like an epsiode out of Criminal Minds. Holy shit. I will douse myself in this insect repellant if I have to.

Then I fell asleep at 9 or so, missed a phone call from Not So Little Woman who is COMING TO VISIT ME ON HALLOWEEN.

And Saturday another fabulous German Blogger is coming to visit! W00t!!!

So. It’s all interesting and ok overall.

Now I just need insect repellant.


3 Responses to “Well, let’s see”

  1. marcia Says:

    Did you mean DEET insect repellant?? I agree, you will need it.
    Loved those pics of the doggies yesterday. They both have the best ears.
    Happy for you!

  2. NSA IW Says:

    Yes, DEET. REI or EMS should have it, don’t go over 30%. You can also get some there (you’ll be able to get 100% DEET there.. regulation is less strict). If the 30% doesn’t work, and you’re getting eaten alive, you can use a high concentration but be REALLY careful, and don’t ingest any of it (wash your hands well before you eat, etc.)

  3. NSA IW Says:


    Most of these have DEET – they actually do have 100%. But I’d stick to 30%.

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