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Some days October 16, 2009

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Just suck before they start and then you realize you have to just make the best out of it.

I wake up and I try to find my center and it’s gone. I try to take 5 minutes and meditate a little and I can’t focus on anything but the feeling inside of me that I don’t  care for much.

I can’t wait to get on a plane to India, to see something else, to hear and see new things, new people, new impressions, new culture.  I have no good reason to feel the way I do and I annoy myself. My life is pretty damn awesome, why wake up so odd some days.

Seriously. I had dinner with a friend last night which was fun, another friend came over after that and we hung out, life was just fine last night and I wake up in this type of fucked up mood.

Oh wait. Snow. That might be the reason. We all know how much I hate winter.

Gross. Snow in October. WTF.

I think I need get a real winter jacket this year if it starts this early. Like one of those Northface expensive ones. No? Oh wait, maybe a good suggestion for a Christmas gift for the parents.

I am rambling.

I am tired.

I miss depth.

I miss people.

I miss my centered self today.

i think I will take Fabulous Dog to work with me.Then all my interns can be all cute with him and that will make me happy.


7 Responses to “Some days”

  1. marcia Says:

    I had two days like that this week. So frustrating! Each time it happens, I say, next time I will accept the fact that it must be part of life, part of being a woman, etc. Somehow, I always forget and begin to get into a terrible spiral down.
    It goes away as fast as it arrives and is just baffling.
    It is a wild windy, rainy morning out here on the elbow of Cape Cod and I drove to the beach, sat in the car as it rocked in the wind and let all those feelings blow away for today. They may find me again, but I hope not right now. Same for you! Your trip sounds so wonderful and con only be a truly joyful and healing time.

  2. san Says:

    I know those days. They’re annoying. You just have to ride them out.

  3. charlotte Says:

    Sending you a great big hug. Come over to California and let’s have Kaffee und Kuchen and talk … with depth.

  4. Alison Says:

    oh yeah, you saw that snow this morning, too? Ugh!!! Way too early for that shit! I also need to get a winter jacket, I only have a windbreaker which is not cutting it in this weather.

  5. NSA IW Says:

    Sorry honey. :( I am having one of those weeks too. Just saw this, thought it was a good read..


  6. kim Says:

    fühl’ dich gedrückt! xoxo

  7. Maribeth Says:

    Yeah, some days life just sucks!

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