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Grateful for… October 18, 2009

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…being inside on a cold rainy day.

…having a roof over my head.

…having strong female friends.

…emails from Europe with new music and thoughts.

…dogs, all of them.


…trying to live a low impact life this week. But going a bit more hardcore.

…driving on a Vespa along the Charles.




…again, kick ass, strong women.

…my home.




…my center.

…realizing that there are always other options to every problem.


…dog kisses.



…Sunday mornings.

And you? What are you grateful for today?


2 Responses to “Grateful for…”

  1. Maribeth Says:

    It’s amazing. When I started seeing myself as a kick ass strong woman, my life began to change. I’ll tell you about it sometime.
    And yes, yes, yes, to all the doggy stuff. I have three surrounding me right now.

  2. Not So Little Woman Says:

    How many Mojitos had you had, that when you wrote about them you spelled “Mojiots”? Hehe. Just checking this isn’t another “bolger” moment…

    Me? Today I’m thankful for friends like you and for amazing weekends that make me feel very special.

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