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So there are lessons in blogging… October 28, 2009

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Just cause you change your blog and are fairly cognizant of not using photos or name on your new one, doesn’t mean that it can’t be found.

There you have it. My little rant yesterday might have possibly been read by the person who prompted it.

Loved all of your guys Facebook comments. You ROCK. Hilarity! Hey, leave a message if we aren’t FB friends yet.

Oops. Now, clearly this rant wasn’t all about one person, I mean, one person not calling me is not going to get me all up into a hissy fit, but more of a “built up over months and months of dating” rant.  It is funny, because a few other bloggers have written similar ones in the past weeks. Call it inspiration to me.

It’s all good though. I did my own googling and found more questions there as well. The power of google.

Call my rant also a very OBVIOUS and CLEAR sign that my decision to just take my profile off the dating site is a fabulous decision.  Clearly I need to, uhm, take a break. I said that a few times this year and I would take a few months with not dating and then I would go out again, cause hell, it can be fun meeting new people, and so on and so forth, but I think I was fooled at least 3x this year, to the point where I got all excited and mushy and cute and swooned just to realize “holy shit, I can’t tell anymore if a guy is genuine or just a total asshole”.
And I can’t.  I can’t tell. My favorite was probably the guy who kept insisting he’s a nice guy and I was left with “uhm, I got news for you, you are actually NOT a nice guy, not that you care to hear that from me, because you just like to listen to yourself insist that you are.”

I digress.

So….I did something on this blog I haven’t done in a long time:

A: I blogged about someone after just a date. I never usually do that. FAIL.
B: I didn’t password protect my rant.

What do we learn from that?
A: Keep to old blogging rules about not blogging about people you are actively going out with OR password protect those rants.

Now I take my 5 minutes to meditate.

Thought of the day:

People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself.  But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates.  ~Thomas Szasz


9 Responses to “So there are lessons in blogging…”

  1. Not So Little Woman Says:

    Hm. I love the quote on the end. Seeing as I “pursue” a wholeness and all. Maybe I am to just create it.

    And I repeat what I said yesterday. Your rant should not be news to men. This is a behavior that does not reside in only one individual. Many women have called out men on this issue before. I did years ago, Jen did it last week, etc, etc, etc.

    Oh, and T minus two days!

  2. NSA IW Says:

    Uhoh – was it Vespa boy and did he see the post where you Googled him?? Oy vey! :0/

  3. Jen Says:

    I took all my dating profiles off too, and I feel like I can’t tell who’s going to turn out to be an asshole anymore either. WTF?? Have an amazing time in India!!!!!

  4. Veronika Says:

    I used to work for google, trust me, there is no such thing as a secret anymore, anyone who already wrote a word down on the internet can be tracked down. Google is a blessing and a curse at the same time, I think.

    As for men, I can rely on your experiences only, since European guys just seem to have lost all their courage, and if you don’t ask them out, they won’t ask you out…so I don’t even really have the chance to decide if they are assholes, ’cause it’s been ages since I’ve last been to a normal date…the situation is a complete disaster on this part of the world too.

    By the way, we’re not friends on FB yet. I know I’m a lazy commenter, but I’m an enthusiastic reader, can we be friends? :))

  5. Maribeth Says:

    I simply never write anything about Hubby.

  6. AmyB Says:

    You can add “If he says he’s NOT something, it probably means he ACTUALLY is…” to your list of red flags in the dating department. No harm, no foul, right? So sorry you had another letdown, though. No matter what, they always suck!

  7. Kate Says:

    I was just going to say something similar to what AmyB already said- usually if someone IS a nice guy, he doesn’t constantly proclaim that he is. I guess unless he’s egotistical too :)

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