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No wonder November 4, 2009

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No wonder I am feeling the way I am feeling lately.

I just did the math, possums, and realized last night that I really haven’t had a proper vacation since last August. You know, the type of vacation that makes the head possum here happy, meaning going somewhere new and exploring something different.

I went to DC in January of inauguration and to San Francisco in April. Both of those trips were long weekends and then I was in Chicago for a week of 16 hour work days. I barely saw natural sunlight while I was there.

NO WONDER I feel so empty and supremely annoyed so easily.

Unrelated: This morning I couldn’t find my favorite skirt. What. The. Fuck. I have 3 rooms to work with here. Bathroom is easily monitored. No skirt.

Bedroom and closet. No skirt. And I shall add: these are rather tidy rooms. I am SO ANNOYED. Still am. Clearly need a vacation. Skirt search totally threw me this morning. Now I am wearing different skirt, cute skirt, but not THE skirt and I am still THAT annoyed over it.

I want to leave. People need to go fuck themselves. (that was just for good measure).

Oh, and Maine. Hey Maine up there in the middle of nowhere? What the fuck with the “no equality of gays” shit? Haven’t you seen from your New England states that gay marriage is no big deal? What’s so scary? Very dissappointed in you, Maine. Extremely. Might have to skip trips to you in the future. And Maine Lobster.

Truly truly sad. Makes me grateful to live in a state where my gays can get married (next year, wooohooo) and adopt kids and such.

Now anyone else want to piss me off today? Bring it.


4 Responses to “No wonder”

  1. san Says:

    Tell me about being urlaubsreif… I was in Germany for 10 days in September, yes, but that wasn’t really a vacation. And before that my last vacation was last year’s Christmas.

    At least you’ll be going to India very soon! Hang in there!!

  2. Not So Little Woman Says:

    Ugh. We all have those days, I totally get it. Remember Monday when all I wanted to do was cry and cry?

    I’m sending you a huge, bear hug. And remember Basil when he used to do the “rabbit”. That always brings a smile to your face.

    PS. Could skirt be in the dry cleaner? I’ve often found clothes there…

  3. kim Says:

    what can i say? i pretty much wrote that entry a couple hours ago myself. i’m so tired of everything here, i’m tearing up in front of my computer screen because all i want is a few days away from work to relax. *sigh*

  4. tobeannounced Says:

    As my gay best friend said earlier today, “We have to hit Maine where it hurts… the pocketbook.” If we don’t financially support them, maybe they’ll get the message!

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