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MBTA Win! November 5, 2009

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About 15 minutes ago I was getting on the blue line with my little red shoes and my music, singing along to the song in my head.

The train started moving and suddenly the woman slightly to my left jumped up with a quickness. I looked over and thought “huh”?

Then I look at the girl next to her who was leaning in her seat. Her eyes were WIDE open and completely fixed and she just hung there like a rag doll before she started sliding (thank you blue line for your spiffy new smooth seats, I KID. They are great seats).

At which point I dropped my purse, tore the iphone out of my ears and dropped on the ground into the hot tea said girl had just dropped and softened her fall.

All I could think was “don’t let her head hit the ground, woman. Don’t drop her!”  Next thing I know, 80% of people step back and the lady on my other side totally stepped up too.
“Hit the emergency button,” she yelled. One dude looked at me and I said “No, seriously dude, hit the button.”

And, KUDOS to the MBTA because when we arrived at  Aquarium, the MBTA dudes were already walking up to the train.

We sat the girl up was slowly coming to…I would too if I had just been smacked in the face by yours truly……I am pretty sure she had a seizure.

She was clearly in a total daze and the MBTA guys took her off the train.

Blue line kept moving and at the next stop I got off to tell a cop about her fixed pupils and all, because everything happened so fast, I didn’t get a chance to tell the guys that took her about what happened.

Now my legs are a bit like Jell-O. Always happens like that. I should tell you guys the story one day where did first-aid on a kid that was pinned in the backseat of a car with an open jaw fracture, teeth everywhere and choking on his own blood.

Now THAT was the real deal. Thank you to GERMANY for making every driver’s license holder take 3-days of first-aid. It helps in these situations.


5 Responses to “MBTA Win!”

  1. Maribeth Says:

    I was in a grocery store in New Mexico and a woman did the same in front of me. I held her, made sure she wouldn’t swallow her tongue and called to anyone to help. I stayed with her until the ambulance people came and the police took my name and number. A few months later, I actually got a call from the woman thanking me.

  2. Mary Ellen Says:

    You are awesome for helping out like that!

  3. Kate Says:

    What a story! Good for you for getting involved like that!

  4. rox Says:

    You rock!

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