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Well, how about HELL NO November 6, 2009

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I was totally looking forward to starting to take my Malaria pills cause I got the “Vivid Dream” kind…not the “night terror” kind.

I mean, vivid dreams, possums? HELLO! Colin Firth darling, come on over. Come a bit closer there. ;)

Apparently though MY vivid dreams start before I take the malaria meds. More specifically they include my ex-boyfriend and one of my best friends in bed together and me walking in laying down next to them saying “You can’t sleep with him. I was in love with him.”

At which point he rolls over and has his way with me.

Not to shabby overall, but you know. DISTURBING. Specifically since those two never met nor uhm, do I have much contact with him. I am also not using him for any fantasizing materials or such.

Oddity. Can’t wait to see what the malaria meds bring out.


One Response to “Well, how about HELL NO”

  1. charlotte Says:

    Hoo boy! Good time to put a writing pad and a pen on the nightstand–you might get some interesting material for the next great American novel …

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