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Stress. Anyone? November 11, 2009

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I carry my stress in my neck.

That means, that right about now, my neck is tense and hurting and hurts when I swallow. Usually this would mean a massage, but I really don’t want to spend the $100.

Why, you wonder, would your Head Possum feel so stressed just 4 days before a much anticipated trip?

Well, maybe because of this:
photo 3(3)

Caused by this:


Which was caused by an overflowing toilet tank upstairs. Yup. One tiny tank of water and part of my ceiling had to be removed. The insulation had to be removed and thrown out and now, the most ANNOYING:

These machines have to run for 2-3 days non-stop to dry out all the wood and shit. And they are really really loud and really really annoying.

And I worked from home yesterday. One of my colleagues brought me my work laptop which I had conveniently left at home.

Good news: Homeowner’s Insurance (between upstairs and mine) are covering the damage
Bad news: Annoyance. Now I have to find a contractor to fix the hole and repaint the ceiling….which is also covered by insurance, but, you know, not high on my list right now.


5 Responses to “Stress. Anyone?”

  1. rima Says:

    Go to Bella Sante! Get your massage before India!!

  2. san Says:

    this sounds really annoying!

  3. Not So Little Woman Says:

    eek. At least it didn’t happen while you were gone. Every time you’re annoyed, remember: Next week you’ll be in India and having a blast. :)

  4. rox Says:

    I feel your pain. Our upstairs neighbor had a new floor put in their kitchen and when the new floor was laid, the fridge was moved and when the fridge was moved, the hose to the ice maker came loose. The neighbors wondered why their ice maker wasn’t working but didn’t think anything of it until all that water came flooding through the overhead light above our dining room table.

  5. charlotte Says:

    Ugh. Sending you lots of dry vibes …

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