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Moving has been smooth… December 8, 2009

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….really. My move wasn’t horrible at all. I mean, shit is where it’s supposed to be and I rarely look for something I can’t find.

Until now.

I can’t find Fabulous Dog’s doggy passport which I kind of need for his trip to Germany.

ARGH. Isn’t that the most infuriating when you KNOW that something is SOMEWHERE but you can’t seem to find it? I can’t believe that apparently somehow I decided not to keep his passport with my passport. FAIL.

So, basically I need to go through the unpacked boxes in the basement until I find it. I know where it was. One would think I would find it asap.

Worst case, I can get a letter from his vet stating he is vaccinated. But damn, that’s why I have the passport, which the vet fills out every time he gets a shot.

Fantastic friend from Iceland and her equally fantastic new daughter are arriving tomorrow. WOOHOOOOO!!!!! I GET TO PLAY WITH THE BABY. I can’t wait. My ovaries are even more excited than I am ;)

Overall. Life is full of friends, travel, family, dogs and overall business. The fact that I seemed to have a developed a tiny little crush on someone….uhm. Oh well. No time for that right now.

Unrelated: My large hole in my ceiling from water damage has been fixed. My contractor painted the ceiling yesterday and voila, I have a brand spanking new painted ceiling. Now I have found two other problems that are related to the building process meaning yours truly is currently ripping the contractor who worked on the house before I bought here another one. Apparently he will fix it, but now I have to try to manage his unreliable ass. DICK. Truly.


3 Responses to “Moving has been smooth…”

  1. Maribeth Says:

    It’s always like that. Finding the ugly little secrets. Oh well, this too shall pass. It’s like that for me, and we were the ones who built our house!

  2. san Says:

    Hope you find it…. you know how it is, you don’t miss it until you need it! ;)

  3. Steffi Says:

    I know that feeling of looking for something and you exactly know it just HAS to be there – but it’s not.

    Hope the problems in your condo are fixed asap! That’s annoying!

    Enjoy the time with your friend ad the Baby. :-)

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