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Just to set the record straight… December 10, 2009

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…because I had the discussion yesterday with someone.




There you have it. Own it. You might be able to move your junk around in some amazing Cirque du Soleil way, but trust me, we can still tell if we can’t tell!

You might be great at oral sex, but we can still tell that you are small. So just admit to it and let it go.

I have been blessed with both: Too small and too big.

Too big sucks too. I mean, seriously, you want to put that WHERE? For HOW LONG? Excuse me, can we do this FASTER? Because I don’t want certain body areas to bruise. And wait, don’t do it TOO FUCKING FAST, because you will hurt me….just, you know, respond when I pull my dirtiest talk out of my hat so you can finish faster..that’s a sign, honey, a sign to finish up.


To summarize:

We can tell.



10 Responses to “Just to set the record straight…”

  1. susanne Says:

    all I have to say is, I totally agree…amen to everything you said.

  2. charlotte Says:

    Hehe. Ditto.

    And yes, I, too, am speaking of experience. Would love to meet Cirque de Soleil dude, though.

  3. NSA IW Says:

    Hehehe.. Did you know our friend DB did his thesis in undergrad on this question? For real? He determined that 4″-8″ is ideal; anything less is too small, anything more is too big, and in between it mostly depends on skill. I have to say, that sounds right on to me. :)

  4. Not So Little Woman Says:

    Hahahaha! I love this post. Short (in this case good) and to the point. So true. And I also love NSA IW’s comment. OF COURSE someone did research (which kind?? practical? theoretical??) on this.

    Love it!

  5. Nicole Says:

    LOL!! How true!!

    Totally off topic here but How did your review go? Did you get your raise you wanted or any other perks?

    Hope so!!


    • fabulouslyinboston Says:

      Review was stellar. Since we are nonprofit, we have to raise our own money, so they are going over budget to look at the raise I am hoping for. Feeling pretty good about it. It’s a tough year.

  6. Amy Says:

    LOL! SO TRUE!!!!

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