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A New Year is approaching… December 31, 2009

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2009 is coming to end and hot damn, what a year it was.

Sometime in the spring I thought my big story of the year was that I was going to India.

Fast forward and I went to India AND bought a condo. Something I had dreamt of doing, something I had so desired. Because when you are told for years that you won’t be able to do it without the jackass you married, it mattered.

It mattered a lot.

What also mattered was your unwavering support this year, as these past years. I can never quiet explain how great it is to have blog readers like I have. You have been with me when I am low, super low and super high. You have cheered me on, kicked my ass and given me virtual hugs and understanding that is hard to find other places. For that, I thank you again.

For 2010, we all should make a list of what we set out to do.

1. Thoughts become things. Choose the positive ones!
Nothing is more true. This year I definitely learned even more about that than ever before. Thinking positively, putting positive energy into the world, will be forever high on my list. At times in my life, I was so ill, I wanted to die and tried really hard. Now I look back at this rich life, full of love and friends and accomplishments and I am grateful I am still around to see it.

2. Reduce debt.
This means staying on the budget I worked out in November. I have some very specific goals in regards to that and I am going to be dead set to achieving them.

3. Deliver the most kick-ass XXXX plan that I have been tasked it at work.

4. To not settle. In no area.
When I left the job at the devil company, there were a few people who were concerned. “The economy sucks, what if the new job doesn’t work out.” And I was scared. For months I was worried. But guess what, this wasn’t just about going back to nonprofit. This job was about my integrity and my sense of fairness and standing up for what I believe in and who I am. I am happy I switched jobs. Delighted that I did. It was the perfect decision for me. I think I would have withered away at the other one. My brain as well.
And relationship, oh hell, our favorite topic. Aside from not getting the amount of proper sex I want and desire, it’s ok. I get lonely sometimes, but while traveling through India, there were only extremely few occasions where I felt lonely. Life was full of color, people, excitement, new things.

5. If 2. works out well and I do a good job from Jan-April, I will try to go on a trip to a few National Parks in Arizona.
I went to see some friends in Germany and they did this in 2009 and holy hell, AMAZING. I have to go. I might need a companion, so if anyone is remotely vaguely interested to meet up there or so, lemme know. :)

Let’s hope 2010 is full of the same things, no matter where I am, with whom I am.

And mostly, I want to be me and I want to, how does one say, dance like no one’s watching as often as possible.

I wish you a fantastic new year full of “you”. Be you, love life, be thankful, keep coming back to read and be my friend. Health, love and laughter!

PS: Last purchase of 2009….I think the “Furminator” for my Lani. Cause, damn, my brother has one for his lab and that dog doesn’t shed anymore. Fantastic.


8 Responses to “A New Year is approaching…”

  1. Maribeth Says:

    Love the furminator! Have one for Fritz and the dackels.
    My 2010 goal is to get my vision back. Bad eye is giving me a run for my money!

  2. marcia Says:

    Happy New year to you, Fabulous. Your list is inspirational, as always, and reminds me and many others, I am sure, that positive thinking is a must as we move forward. I waste way too much time thinking negatively, yet, it truly is not who I am. Go figure.
    Thanks for the reminder.
    2010, here we come!

  3. charlotte Says:

    Right on–thoughts do become things! Have a great Silvester evening.

  4. susanne Says:

    Hallo Fabulous,
    Happy New Year to you.
    May it be a healthy, happy and positive one for all of us.
    Guten Rutsch,

  5. Nicole Says:

    Very well said on all points!! Have a great New Year!! So glad I found this blog!!


  6. san Says:

    Only the very best for you in 2010, fabulous :)

  7. Vera Says:

    Very heartwarming post! You actually made my day and I’m grateful to you for that!
    Wishing you all the best for the upcoming new year, cannot wait to read you on and on in 2010 too! :)

  8. kim Says:

    happy new year to you as well. believe it or not but you inspire me in so many ways… to a great 2010 for you! <3

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