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And the state needs money… January 5, 2010

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Alright, darling possums, I am BACK.

Yesterday was the first day at work and it was also the first time I looked at my bank account to figure out how much difference my raise makes and you know what, totally awesome. It will make a nice difference.

Don’t get me wrong. I did not overextend myself when I purchased this condo, as my mortgage is only $30 more than my rent. But then you add the monthly insurance and the condo fee and the first part of the month is a bit tight. So this raise loosens the belt a little, meaning, I can pay more bills.

For example.

My favorite bill I paid yesterday was to the State of Massachusetts.

But Fabulous, you might ask, why is that? Taxes? Garbage removal fees? What could it be?

Oh no, my darling possums.

I think the state is super broke. Because apparently they want and audited taxes for 2006 and wanted the money back that they had given to me as a refund. A whopping $112. Now, I don’t mind paying taxes, but I do mind when they give me the money back and then ask back for it. That’s like getting a gift and 3 years later someone wants it back.

I paid it. For a short time I was contemplating whether I should be that colossal pain in the ass and ask them for exact documentation on how they came up with that amount, but I just paid.

Ah. Money, money, money.

It’s a new year. Let’s make it a kick ass one.


3 Responses to “And the state needs money…”

  1. Maribeth Says:

    Glad you are back and that the raise will help things out.

  2. kim Says:

    you should have probably hired san to do the p.i.t.a. thing. she’s got experience with the postal service and complaints and let’s just say: i wouldn’t wanna mess with her ;)

    but seriously, i understand that it’s easier to pay than to deal with the beaurocracy of it. still annoying…

  3. san Says:

    haha… i was just going to say: i would have SO ASKED FOR the documentation! kim is absolutely right: don’t mess with san!

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