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Well, well January 7, 2010

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Yesterday I had to take the Lani to the vet. She’s been scratching herself excessively for about 2-3 weeks now. Apparently while I was in Germany and I have certainly noticed it since I have returned from Germany  – a week today.

The day before yesterday she had some really darker red spots that she scratched too hard, so I decided to screw figuring something out myself and take her ass to the vet.

$112 later we really have no answers, but some antihistamines and some shampoo. Last night fabulous friend and I washed her ass. The shampoo had to stay on 5-10 minutes. Don’t even ask. Alas, that seemed to help a bit. But now she’s scratching again. I think less than before though.

I will give her another antihistamine before I go to work. I do think she’s doing less scratching, but we have to wait and see.

I am SUCH A good little condo owner. Look at what I did this morning.

A: Went to dog.com sales site and ordered this “dogbed CARPET“. The kids are constantly jumping up and down the sofa under the window and the floor is starting to show some scratches from Lani. So this might protect that area and I can move it away when I have guests. I got it in monster size. 47×29.

B: What the fuck. Why is my only light fixture using halogen lights? Not energy efficient and all that. But I am not ready yet to buy a new light fixture unless it’s a TWIN of the one I have and I haven’t searched for that. However, 5 out of 6 lightbulbs have gone bye-bye and I did an online search and unless I screwed up, I think I found my bulbs for $2.62 a piece. And I got them in 30 Watt, not the 50 Watt that were in there cause frankly, right now I have ONE out of 6 working and that one is plenty bright. The price is  is crazy cheap. So let’s hope I didn’t screw up. But I took one out, got the part number, I measured it and all that and it looks like it should fit. Fingers crossed.

And what the fuck is it with all my friends becoming each others friends on Facebook? Do you guys do that too (And I am not asking the people who are now friends with my friends who they met at my parties) ? Meet someone at a party and friend everyone you meet there? I never do that. Is that what we do these days? Maybe I should do it?  All odd to me. Might be time to let that oddity go. I suppose these days everyone’s friends with everyone and so on and so forth. Like I said. It’s “odd” to me. But I have always been bothered by stuff like that.
But then I don’t care if someone friends me. I think that’s really nice. At my New Year’s party I  met two new people and both friended me within 48 hours. And that’s great, cause they are awesome. Doesn’t really matter. Just proves one thing I suppose: I know a shitload of cool people and everyone clearly wants to be friends with them cause they are awesome.


10 Responses to “Well, well”

  1. Maribeth Says:

    Here is a strange thing. I have been friends with a woman up here in NH for about 2 years. Then I see that she has been friended by a girl I went to K-12 school with on Cape Cod! Turns out they know each other from some other way than through me. But thought it was very strange because well, it is a small world!

  2. charlotte Says:

    Little White Canine used to do the biting thing, too. I used a OTC hot spot spray on him whose name I can’t remember right now, but it came in a small orange bottle (email me if you want me to look it up). Also, her skin might benefit from some added Omega 3s; there are salmon oil capsules out there for dogs, or you could mix ground flaxseed meal into her food.

  3. marcia Says:

    Good suggestion from Charlotte about adding good fats to Lani’s, if you haven’t already done so, as the air in our homes tends to be so dry….scratching dogs can be a mystery. Once solved for me by removing carpet. Perhaps the fabric had been treated with a chemical which caused the itching.
    Hugs and pats to Lani and I hope she feels better soon. Poor baby!
    FB drives me crazy….I have found people, or rather, they have found me…..including my first husband who writes things he shouldn’t, but that’s a whole other story. LOL My children are on it and some friends have been bombarding me with game links so I have had to hide them. I rarely comment on it and I think it is all going to die out eventually. I do like seeing photo galleries posted by my children with grandchildren pix, etc, but the rest seems superfluous.

  4. san Says:

    You know, the “friending” thing on Facebook and elsewhere… it’s more common that you think, but it annoys me to no end as well… why would you befriend someone on Facebook, just because it’s a friend of a friend…. I mean, unless you have met NUMEROUS times and kind of started being friends as well.

  5. AmyB Says:

    Poor Lani! I hope she stops itching soon, for the sake of you both! It could be stress-related, having been away from you for so long?…

    I’ve not friended people on FB after meeting them once, but I had several people so that to me, so I know it happens. Guess that just means we kick ass! ;)

  6. Steffi Says:

    Whiskey had red spots twice since we have him in Germany and he scratched them badly – until he was bleeding.
    The Vet said it is a hot-spot and she gave us hydrogen peroxide to clean the spots and an ointment to suppress the itching.
    It helped great and after about 2 days he stopped the scratching and after about 4 days the red spots started fading away.

  7. Melissa Says:

    Rusty is scratching alot more than usual this winter as well. The oils do help (of course me remembering to add to food is another story). I’m wondering if part of the issue is that your condo has forced hot air heat and maybe your apartment was different? You could try a humidifier?

    We must make plans!!!

  8. Felicia Says:

    Dogs: My big girl has been doing the itching thing and then we found out it was related to the weather. She evidently thinks she is so human that when it is cold her skin gets dry too. Now if she would just start doing dishes and get a job LOL!

    Facebook: I mostly just accept friend requests can’t remember the last time I sent one out. I think though it is a good way to get to know someone that you met and think are cool. I mean if they are frequent updaters you can see lots of past stuff. Of course I am also one of those people that if you aren’t on the first page of status updates I never know what you are doing LOL

  9. Alison Says:

    Our dog had a skin problem for years and the vet never knew what it was. He prescribed anti-histamines and shampoos but nothing ever worked. Her fur was falling out and the poor little thing was going bald. Imagine a bald pug, so sad. She was so itchy and scaly. Then we changed vets and found out that she had mange. So then they kept giving her these mange dips (like a flea dip) and that did nothing except give me a big allergic reaction when I touched her.

    Finally one day we were in PetCo and for whatever reason we went over to the equine section and picked up an anti-fungal liquid. It worked like a charm. After years of being mangy and balding, she stopped scratching and all her fur grew back. We used it on her for the rest of her life and never had the problem again.

    I wish I could remember what it was called and I did a search and still couldn’t find it. But anyway, if all else fails, try something like that. It was a liquid made for horses and farm dogs.

  10. tobeannounced Says:

    I have no problem with my friends facebook-friending each other, but I have had friends then start emailing/calling each other and leaving me out, and THAT sucks!

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