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Why I love myself… January 19, 2010

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So often we spend time looking at our faults and areas we need to improve. And, no doubt, I definitely have those. But I rarely ever thought about what I love about myself.  Saturday night I was strolling through the hood on high heels with a cute skirt and this feeling of “damn, I really love myself” overcame me. I love myself for wearing heels on snowy street, carefully stepping over icy bits of sidewalk and just trudging ahead. And as I am working on this book about having authentic relationships, I decided to do something for the relationship with myself, because as I try to become a better version of myself, I focus on all that I find fault with. So here are some reasons….why….

…I love myself, because I stride with confidence and carry myself well.

…I love that I am fiercely protective.

…I love that I am genuinely excited to see puppies and babies.

…I love myself, because I  have the confidence to walk into a room in ridiculous high heels and a flower in my hair.

…I love myself because I am open to new experiences.

…I love myself, because I have an open heart.

…I love myself because I can make people laugh.

…I love myself, because I can establish rapport with almost everybody.

…I love myself, because I can make a man’s knees buckle if I want.

… I love myself, because I am resilient.

…I love myself because I am allowing myself to be more authentic every day.

… I love myself becauseI am nuts about these dogs.

…I love myself, when my heart leaps because Lani is doing something she enjoys.

…I love myself, because I can find a ton of joy in something very small.

…I love myself, because I get shit done.

…I love myself because somehow I managed to be surrounded by awesome people.

…I love myself, because I am tough.

…I love myself, because I am a do-er.

…I love myself because I won’t settle.

…I love myself, because I am embracing myself more and more each month.

…I love myself, because I am remarkably low maintenance.

… I love myself, because I speak up.

… I love my sense of fairness.

…I love myself, because I see myself.

…I love my loyalty.

And while there is more and while I would now like to write what I don’t love about me.

I won’t.

And I want to tag the following people to write the same post about themselves:
Not So Little Woman


9 Responses to “Why I love myself…”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Very Nice!! I need to do one of these…

  2. Not So Little Woman Says:

    Will get to it as soon as I turn in grades. Thanks for writing this. It’s important to remember certain thins. You’re always so good to remind me. *Hug*

  3. san Says:

    Very nice list! I definitely have to do one of those… definitely!

  4. kim Says:

    this made me smile :)

    and i promise to do it when finding
    the answers will be easier again.

  5. Liz Says:

    Could you share the name of this book?

    • fabulouslyinboston Says:

      Sure. Authentic Relationships from the Inside Out by Sarah Abell. The entire “love me” exercise was my own though, not from the book. Do it too :) It will make you happy.

  6. cocoaval Says:

    What an awesome exercise to do! We all have that tendency to focus on the things we don’t like about ourselves, I think. Too often, we forget to remember what we do like. I can tell you that I LOVE how you take such amazing care of your furbabies; how you see them for more than “just animals”. I love how you value equality of all people. How you tell it like it is, and how you aren’t afraid to put your feelings out there for people to see. And now, I think I shall think of my own list, because I have time to kill in the office :-).

    • fabulouslyinboston Says:

      I believe we don’t do this often enough…instead we focus on what’s negative and forget all the great things we are. Go make your list!

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