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Crime in Eastie? April 12, 2010

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After a little bit of a blogging hiatus, ok ok, a month or two, not really a huge one, I am all enthused to share my musings about life with my darling possums…again….and maybe a few less password protected posts ;) . Last Friday I wrote something about my fantastic little Eastie and the walks I take with the canines……and my favorite folks at Universalhub linked me. I do have to admit, it’s so nice to get linked and have new readers pop in. And as pathetic as it sounds, since I don’t work for a newspaper anymore and I don’t get to see my byline in print anymore, getting a little link speaks to my tiny ego. ;) (by no means do I mean to compare news writing and blogging, but it’s nice to be linked anyway).

Here is my pet peeve….every time I click on Eastie Neighborhood on Universalhub I often see an avalanche of crime stories. Why?  The East Boston Police Department is apparently about full disclosure and tweets or posts whatever the fuck happens somewhere.

Now. It’s news and I am all for putting that shit out there, but not all neighborhood police departments do this. At least that’s my impression. And the ones that do, hey, they need to be aware that this is the result.
So when I look at, for example, rape stats and see East Boston being lower than last year’s and overall low compared other neighborhood, I think to myself, damn, someone who doesn’t know Eastie, might be scared.
Reading that it appears I shouldn’t leave my house without an armed guard and nothing could be further from the truth. I feel very safe here. Of course it’s a city and I am not going to schlepp myself home at 2 am on high heels drunk as a skunk. That’s just called basic survival skills and let’s not be stupid. That would be a bad decision in any city or neighborhood, even in my tiny German hometown :)

I do commend the Eastie PD for putting the dirty laundry of the neighborhood out there. Yes, we are a city neighborhood, even if many think because we are across the water we are on a different planet. Yes, shit happens here. Yes, crime happens here. Yes, we are more working class and less yuppie. But I will venture out to say, that if Southie, South End, Back Bay, Downtown, if all of those Police Departments would also diligently report every time someone pisses up the wrong pole and gets electrocuted,  their neighborhood reports would look differently.

On that note. The Eastie PD maybe shouldn’t write every time a kid gets his tongue stuck to a frozen pole. I can’t blame any news site who picks that up. Go for it. It’s out there. I’d just like the other Police Departments to do the same so I don’t always have to explain to people that I, in fact, do not live in crime central, but in a really fantastic neighborhood where I can walk my dogs and get views like this:

And, yes, I totally wrote this hoping it will get linked and when people click on Eastie in the future and see 10 posts about mugging and knife attacks, they see this one too ;) It is not beneath me to beg. ;) This is a great neighborhood like most others in this city of ours. :)

*stepping off soap box*


8 Responses to “Crime in Eastie?”

  1. Maribeth Says:

    It is beautiful there, that is for sure!

  2. Alison Says:

    I think you’re absolutely correct, the EBPD does a great job of reporting everything. However, other communities that I would never even consider walking through don’t report report as well as our neighborhood does; which in print, makes them appear safer.

    I have never felt unsafe in this neighborhood and what the EBPD’s reporting does for me is that it makes me more aware of what is happening in the community so I know what to watch out for.

    Universal Hub seems to love to slam Eastie by only posting what they find on the PD’s website. They could do that with any neighborhood and make it look bad.

    If people don’t want to live here that is fine by me. I love this neighborhood and I sometimes feel like I’m living in the best kept secret in the city and it’s all mine :)

  3. san Says:

    Sigh. Love that view.

  4. Not So Little Woman Says:

    It´s like when I lived in NY and lived in Washington Heights. Everyone was like “oohhh, ghetto” and I wanted to pounce on them. Yes, maybe not the most happening neighborhood, but great culture, great food, great supermarkets and oh… The Metropolitan Museum of Art´s Cloisters and a great view of Washington Bridge. And an affordable apt. close to the metro.
    I love your ´hood. If I move to Boston, I´d live there (hopefully around the corner from Angela´s…. hehehe)

  5. faegirl Says:

    I was hit by crime after moving here, but since then have not had any issues. It was unfortunate, but the same thing has happened to friends and relatives in much different communities, as well.

    I do like this neighborhood…even if they are shutting down my branch of the library and it sometimes gets a bit noisy. Watching airplanes take off and land is mesmerizing and where else can you get a homemade donut on your way to work?

  6. emmysuh Says:

    As a Kentucky girl (I’m on a blog scavenger hunt, following people’s blog rolls, it’s fun for slow work days), I know very little about Boston, but lately I’ve been hearing more and more people mentioning that they love to visit there or live there — after reading some of your entries, I have to say I’m interested in visiting and learning more. :)

  7. One Hott John Says:

    So glad to see that you wrote about this. I was afraid that based on your headline it was going to be about another head punching or machete confiscated. I read UH often but I’m sick of reading about every item on the police log.

    I generally feel safe in Eastie but really wish they didn’t have things like this to write about. Its a city, crime is expected, and hopefully the other police departments are as forthcoming with the residents in their community. If they aren’t, then that’s the real crime.

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