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Earth Day, possums April 22, 2010

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As you all know, I am mostly a treehugger.

So, this morning, I read some nice facts in the Metro and would like to share and make a case to recycle, in case you aren’t. This is how long it takes some shit to “biodegrade”:

Orange peel 2-5 weeks

Paper 2-5 months

Cigarette butt 10 years

Nylon Fabric: 30-40 years

Leather: 50 years

Rubber boot sole: 50-80 years

Tin case: 50-100 years

Batteries: 100 years

Aluminum cans: 200-500 years

Disposable diapers: 500-600 years

Sanitary pads: 500-800 years

I wanted to say that I would make a pledge to not use things unless they biodegrade in my lifetime and some. But I would have to exclude rubber soles. Since I lost my TV remote, I don’t have anything on batteries in my house (WIN), if I ever have kids, I always wanted to use cloth diapers (except for travel situations)…..but shit, sanitary pads?I have to draw the line there. I can’t do it. I know there is that little plastic insert cup that people use but I simply cannot do it. 500-800 years? Anyone know any sanitary pads that are greener?

A quick search found these: http://www.healthsuperstore.com/p-natracare-natural-ultra-super-plus-pads.htm I have never checked at Whole Foods…might be time!!!


5 Responses to “Earth Day, possums”

  1. Maribeth Says:

    You will be happy to know, that way back when (I mean Mandy is 33 right) I used cloth diapers. I washed them myself and used natural biodegradable soaps. They were the whitest in the neighborhood and although a little more work, I felt better about what I was doing.

  2. Steffi Says:

    Uhm, I am really not sure about the cloth diapers. Really!
    I am an environmantel engineer and I think in many ways I try to go green – but cloth diapers,… Nah.

    • Steffi Says:

      *sigh* of course I wanted to say: environmental!

      • fabulouslyinboston Says:

        I have to tell you, it’s really rather popular in the US and if you think about diapers and how many you use and that they stay in landfills for 500-600 years, basically plastic full of shit….

        I have a ton of friends who use them for two reasons:

        Some are simply wanting to be green.

        But others are doing it because it is a ton cheaper than disposable diapers. So financially it makes a lot of sense. It’s nice, big cities like Boston do have delivery and diaper laundry services too. I still think they are cheaper in the long run if you use a service, but I am pretty impressed with how many people these does use cloth.

  3. charlotte Says:

    The diaper problem starts and ends with daycare situations, at least here, in our conservative little village in the Californian hinterland. Unless you run into a hippie who’ll assure you that yes, they’ll keep your expensive cloth diaper in the wet bag you provide, even if it stinks up their place of business, it’s disposables all the way.

    Also, there are some biodegradable disposables out there–the purpose of which is thwarted when you throw them out wrapped in a store plastic bag (which, let’s face it, you do when you’ve literally got a blowout on your hands). A great compromise is the gDiaper system, with its reusable shells and the flushable/ compostable paper inserts. Even avoids the gel.

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