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The Economy must be great, Liberty Mutual April 27, 2010

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Seriously, possums, the economy must be doing fan-fucking-tastic, because last night Liberty Mutual gave us a display of their wealth by blowing half of the fireworks available in China into the air.

Right across the street from my house.

I think every dog in Jeffries Point lost it’s fucking mind.

I don’t like fireworks, because they are a waste of money in every which way possible, but the noise usually doesn’t bother me, however: this was no joke. I thought bombs were going off next to my house. Holy fucking shit. Little Dog was a shaking mess and the big one wasn’t to be found until I discovered her new panic room in the bathroom.

To illustrate the panic room:

Not pictured: Shaking and freaked

Next time, Liberty Mutual, do the barge in the harbor thing. Seriously. You probably don’t care so much about all of the residents who live in immediate contact to the property the fireworks took off from, but a barge would have been a lot nicer.

I hope no one else things using that property would be a good idea.

On that note, dear City of Boston. What’s up with the property next to Piers Park where the fireworks came from? I got it, you use it to park your police cars and there are some other shags on that piece of prime real estate.

I also get that the development right there on that link came to a screeching halt 3 years ago.

I mean, sure, why WOULD anyone go on that property and clean it up so the residents don’t have to stare at a chain-link fence and a tarp that, at this point, is starting to shred and certainly blog the fantastic view of the city. Not like anyone who lives on Marginal Street wants to see the view of the city. Sheesh. Who cares.

Seriously. Please don’t start using this property for regular fireworks, cause that would really really really suck with the noise and all.

Ever considered building something for the community there? like an outdoor swimming pool or so?

I didn’t think so.

Also, if you continue to use this property for fireworks, spend $20 on a few flyers and warn the neighborhood, so we don’t all go running for our basements.

Update: Apparently they WERE shot from a barge. Didn’t look, feel or sound like it at all on my end and I have been through a few New Year’s fireworks that go from barges. Maybe the barge was closer to the shore line or so. Well, blogging ain’t news writing, folks. Still was impossible loud and, you know, everything else I said. :)


8 Responses to “The Economy must be great, Liberty Mutual”

  1. Alice Says:

    While it was fun to watch a few fireworks, it did freak my cat out, just like your dogs. And I agree, it would have been nice to be warned about it.

    It’s amazing how stealth they were about it. I can’t find anything about it on the major local tv networks.

    Finally, I am pretty disgusted that Liberty Mutual showed-off its wealth, and for a private party no-less, in the middle of this crappy economy.

    Alice (watching from the North End)

    • fabulouslyinboston Says:

      Right? It was a bit overkill on wealth and “look at us” ..oh wait, we are also expanding our building in Boston and getting all kinds of tax breaks to do that….uhm….

  2. Maribeth Says:

    My Bog Boy Fritz hates the noises from fireworks. The little ones don’t like it, but are brave. Me? One night I woke up thinking that we were being shot at my a high power rifle. Just our neighbors, a little drunk, firing off fireworks at 2 AM!

  3. charlotte Says:

    Oh, I hear you! Fireworks are such waste–and then they can’t even appreciate them any more just by themselves; no, it’s got to be a whole barrage of them, costing thousands of dollars!


  4. AmyB Says:

    Poor puppy!! That’s just about the saddest little face. Stupid fireworks! I agree – they are a HUGE waste of money and only belong (if that) on 4th of July!

  5. Alison Says:

    Awwww!! Poor puppies!! I actually enjoyed the surprise fireworks display, but I’m a sucker for fireworks, always have been. My cat was utterly confused, he watched them through our living room window for about 10 minutes.

    I agree that something needs to be done with that property. When we first lived in Jeffries Point in 2005, there was a lot of talk about restaurants going in there and apparently Starbucks had already purchased some property there. I was excited to see something there, but nothing has happened. There are constantly trucks and equipment there, but have you ever looked behind that tarp? WTF are they doing?

    At the same time, I would be disappointed if they built something with any considerable height there, because a lot of people would lose their city views, which is one of the best parts of living over here.

  6. Mid-Life Progress Says:

    Is that what that was??

    Holy crap – I’m way on the other side of town from you and we could hear them. I assumed it was Winthrop.

    Hubs heard it first and asked “Um – are we under attack?” It did go on for quite a while at such and odd/day time. We were wondering wtf was up.

    Meanwhile, my sister works for Liberty Mutual and they are in the middle of their annual review process. I hope the increases can compete with the fireworks display. You’re right – some companies are clueless about perceptions. They must’ve been wining and dining investors.

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