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Water? May 3, 2010

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No what YOU think. This pesky water boiling thing.

No, also not the water in my boobs.

I am talking about ocean water and swimming pool water. And since, in this country, we can’t just skinny our dip into the waves, I have to, you know, wear something.

A bathing suit.

Because yours truly is heading to California in a month and there will be lots of ocean and hotel swimming pool time.

I had a bathing suit I loved, but I had to leave that one in Goa last year, because it was falling apart. Little did I know that I was going to go on a trip with someone 6 months later. FAIL. And even LITTLER did I know the incredible pain in the ass of buying a new one.

My first excursion took me to Macy’s and Lord & Taylor where I got painfully aquaintaed with my dimples and cellulite in the halogen overhead lights. WIN. BOO. Well, we knew the legs and ass looked like that, but what the fuck. Can you even imagine that there was not a single swimsuit that fit? Problem being: Big boobs, small waist. The regular “SMALL MEDIUM LARGE” situations don’t work. Because I need large in the boobs but then the band around the rib cage is too  loose, causing my boobs to fall to my hips. FAIL.

And the swimsuits with sizing (Miraclesuit or so), where all disgusting looking.

Second step: Athleta

I found a beautifiul swimsuit online. Yes, you ALREADY see the problem there. ONLINE. But I thought, WTF. No halogen lights, I AM ALL IN. It was a halter neck and I thought “YAY, great for my girls”….well.

Results wasn’t so great. In order for this halter top to hold my boobs in the place God intended them to be, the halter digs into my neck too much and overall, the thing wasn’t flattering.


So, then I turned to Victoria’s Secret site since they also sell things with bra sizing. I almost ordered this one (Sorry, won’t let me pull photo off site).

But then, Saturday, I was at the Pru with someone and since we both are big fans of lingerie, we went to Intimacy. Now Ladies, this is a place where one could easily drop $200 on one bra…yes, and if you think I am CRAZY you have not seen that bra, however, the lady that fitted me last time I was there remembered me and she allowed us (yeah, you read right, she actually said “You both want to go in”) to go into a changing room and try on a bunch of fantastic stuff.

And guess what! They also carry swimwear!  Naturally, the swimwear was mostly sold out, however, they should get a new shipment in this week. My hope has been restored! Maybe I will find a swimsuit. because, hell, it’s really a problem with the ordering online. I suppose I could find something online, but it takes too long…I can’t really afford to order 5 and then send 5 back and wait to get reimbursed and all. You get the idea.

On that note. For all of us girls with a bigger chest, I found a new brand (I may say it was gifted to me ;):  FREYA.

May I just say, while I loved the $200 bra, I mean, really. Come on. That’s just crazy talk, even as a gift. But this brand was, I believe $56…..and the bra is fantastic, beautifully done. :)

On that note, for online bra shopping in all size, my search took me to this site: http://www.lindasonline.com/ Seriously has all kinds of sizes and GREAT bras. :)

Anyway. Swimwear this week. Otherwise more online shopping.


15 Responses to “Water?”

  1. Alison Says:

    Thanks for the tip on Intimacy! I need a swimsuit also, but what a pain in the ass it is shopping for them!! I have HUGE boobs and I can never find a swimsuit that holds the girls up where they belong and it’s so frustrating! Is it really that hard to make a supportive swimsuit? We can’t be the only ladies in the world who have this problem!

    • fabulouslyinboston Says:

      I am sure we are not the only ones. Ridiculous. Do check out that Linda’s online website. really nice stuff too. Intimacy can be REALLY pricy…however, they had some tankinis that seemed reasonable/comparable but the sizing was too large for me. They said new shipment coming in this week. Holding my breath.

  2. charlotte Says:

    You’re coming to CA? WHERE??? Anywhere near Santa Barbara? Because then you could meet Little Miss Kickboxer in the flesh, uh, in her diaper, uh, youknowwhatimean.

    Also, swimwear and me? Do. Not. Mix. Not with those extra 35 lbs on my ribs that must go. However, I’ll be happy to join you in a flattering t-shirt and cutoffs …

    • fabulouslyinboston Says:

      I am pretty sure we could arrange for a pit stop! :) We are going to drive down the coast from San Francisco to LA. :)

  3. Not So Little Woman Says:

    Yay! Glad hope has returned. You and I have discussed this. I have your opposite issue, small boobs that can´t hold anything that goes through my hips. Who makes these things? Androids?

  4. Amanda Says:

    Ok seriously, if my ladies keep increasing in size as they have been, I really will be asking you for lingerie tips soon. Related: Sean thinks Christmas came early this year…

  5. san Says:

    Can I ask your size?
    I am constantly looking for new affordable bra buying options… I am a 34DD (or 32DD, but that’s even harder to find).

    • fabulouslyinboston Says:

      Same here. 34D without the water situation, DD with, but can do the 32 DD as well. Depending on the brand. Affordability is relative..but being from Germany, you are probably used to spending a bit more. I usually find anything under $70 totally acceptable. I can highly recommend Elle McPherson’s line for anything pretty and the FREYA line I just discovered is also under $70 and SO cute. :)

  6. san Says:

    P.S. We could also try again to have coffee… or something.

    • fabulouslyinboston Says:

      Let’s keep that in mind. Will see when we get closer what our schedule will be.

  7. Steffi Says:

    Ah, you will enjoy your trip a lot!! SF down to LA is an amazing drive in beautiful countryside.
    I can’t believe that my trip to the West Coast is already 10 month back. *sigh*

    Can’t say much about the bra issue as I am luckily in a shape that fits quite easy into a bathing suit or a bikini. But I found great bra’s in the US, it was a lot easier to shop for some there as it is in Germany. Don’t know why.
    And they have been cheaper too. I just had to figure out my US size, and that took me quite some time. ;-)

    • fabulouslyinboston Says:

      Yes. It is! I didn’t drive down to LA last year, just a bit, but I loved it. So since San Francisco was on my planned trip schedule this year, we will combine it with LA :)

    • fabulouslyinboston Says:

      And dude, let me know when the jackets arrive.

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