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SUCCESS May 11, 2010

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Hell to the yes.

It appears the stars have aligned and pigs are flying. Also: Cats and dogs are raining all over the place.

After going into full assault mode on bathing attire search and doing something I NEVER do (which is ordering $300 worth of stuff with every intention to mail 80% of it back), I found a bathing suit. Conveniently from the same people who made my latest most fantastic piece of lingerie.

Here is the top:

It looks pretty damn awesome. The bottom is, naturally, on BACK ORDER. FAIL, but I will deal. Worst case I order a black bottom from Victoria’s Secret…although the bottom should arrive in the next 2-3 weeks and I am not leaving until June 4. So high hopes I will get the bottoms (I might also find them online at a different store if I have to).

Unrelated, last weekend I volunteered at the annual fundraiser for the Boston Gay Men’s Choir. Possums, if you live in Boston and you have never seen this fantastic group of people perform, get your possum tails there. Their Gay Pride week DIVA concert should be fantastic and their Christmas performance has become a tradition for me.

My favorite line of the night:

“Don’t tell a bunch of drag nuns to show up at 6:30. They will never be on time.”

“OH! Three bears approaching the table. I LIKEY.”

My favorite basket among many: ” I wish I had a pussy” basket.

Above the drag queen starter kit ;)

Some porn and a Black & Decker Stud finder…;)

Last but not least, some adorable angels (I do haz photo with one of them. Felt like a dirty old woman but I had to take one for the team):
Enjoy the view. :)


2 Responses to “SUCCESS”

  1. Steffi Says:

    The bathing suit looks great!
    And the last picture you posted looks even better. :-)

  2. charlotte Says:

    Wow, the bathing suit looks really classy! I need to find something like that (I usually look either like trailer trash or hoochie, or both in one, due to–you guessed it–les oversize tatas).

    That last picture of the boyz? Mmmmmmh!

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