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Search near and far May 19, 2010

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So, after ALL my desperate swim attire searching and after finding something that I really like and purchased……..

….I found something else.

I mean, seriously. I was reading Fitness Magazine and they had a swimsuit guide (out of some reason this online version does not include what I was seeing), but I digress. They had a swimsuit on a woman who looked to have boobs like me. You know, D’s who need a bit of a pull-up ;). And I was all, HOLY HELL, that looks great. And then I looked at the brand JC PENNY. Well, ain’t that the best thing ever?

$69.99 the magazine said.

Yours truly got herself ready and went to the JCPenny website and HELL, the swimsuit was only $39.99. I ordered it, highly suspicious of fit and all and guess what! PERFECT FIT.

So, if you have boobage and need a swimsuit that accentuates the waist and boobs while giving support and you know, you cover up your legs with a sarong like me, you should so check this one out.

Whatever. Damn website won’t let me borrow the photo. Boo, boo, boo.

Anyway. $39.99 to look great from the waist up! Who is with me! YAY! And the model on the photo by the way doesn’t fill up that top properly. Girlfriend needs bigger boobs.

PS: If you are concerned that most reviews were written by women in the 50-60 age range. Uhm. Yeah. Well, I still like it ;)


5 Responses to “Search near and far”

  1. not so little woman Says:

    Dude. I need to find me a new bathing suit. Add that to the gazillion things I need to do. Hehe. Love that you have found one that not only works, but you like. Whoo, hooo hotness!!

  2. charlotte Says:

    How is the sizing? Smaller or bigger? (MAW, wie faellt die Groesse aus?). Looks exactly like what I need, including the color!

    • fabulouslyinboston Says:

      Sizing was right on for me. Ordered an 8 and fits perfectly. Was worried about boobs, since boobs are big and these are “soft cups” but the straps are nice and tight and it worked out well. Hey, 39 bucks. you can always return it. Color is nice too!

  3. Wilson Says:

    Do you have any favorite stories about your kids

    • fabulouslyinboston Says:

      You mean my furkids? Yes……many. My favorite with my lab mix is probably the first time she discovered water. She is a rescue dog and when I first got her was terrified of the ocean and then last year she suddenly went nuts and ran into the water. You could see the joy on her face. It was beautiful.
      My little guy, I have had him 8 years, probably many funny stories of him standing on furniture he isn’t supposed to stand on and just tunneling his way out of an airport bag in the airplane and walking through the Lufthansa plane like he was a flight attendant. :)

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