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Boozing and….fighting fires? May 20, 2010

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So, Boston’s firefighter’s have been without a contract for 4 years or so. That clearly sucks. I am all for people getting paid properly, but set a aside the well deserved pay raise,  I can actually understand that people are a bit pissed about the “special payment for alcohol and drug testing.”

I had a discussion with friends about that. I have many friends who state that it’s an invasion of privacy and they need to not do that, but I see that a bit differently.

Let’s face it. I don’t want an airline pilot flying drunk, I don’t want a subway or bus driver drunk. I don’t want my surgeon under the influence and guess what neither a cop, firefighter or soldier.

I remember the days, vaguely, when the wasband would be called up at 4 am to show up on base for random drug testing. It was part of the deal. Fuck, dude was working with weapons and other dangerous things and, on top of it, was in charge for the safety of numerous other men and women.

So, while I understand that it sucks to have to watch your alcohol consume and while in many ways I also understand that if you roll a join or do a line of coke at home, it’s really no one’s business but your own,  I also think that there are certain jobs where having these substances in your blood can impact your safety and the safety of others. Getting a special payment for that seems off…..and I do remember the case a few years ago where two firefighters lost their lives and at least one of them was found to have had some cocaine in his blood. Awful awful and maybe it was so little cocaine that it had nothing at all to do with the horrible accident that took his life, but seriously, come on!  I was also dating a rather hot but turned into asshole firefighter at that time who frequently described the “downtime” they had while on duty and they spend that downtime with plenty of beer. For realz. Not making that up.
Yes yes, drug testing isn’t alcohol testing……but hey, I have to show up at work sober too, I think as much can be expected of a firefighter. Firefighters do many things every day that don’t involve running into burning buildings and pulling out people, but  for THEIR safety, their colleagues safety and the public’s safety, I’d rather have them do that sober and without cocaine or weed in their blood. If drugs are part of your life, you probably shouldn’t work in this line anyway.


3 Responses to “Boozing and….fighting fires?”

  1. Steffi Says:

    Totally agree!

  2. Maribeth Says:

    Hubby was an Airline pilot and was subject to random drug and alcohol testing. It was a pain in the neck, especially after a long flight from overseas, to be hauled in to pea in a cup, but he understood the need for the procedure.

  3. charlotte Says:

    Here in CA, there’s routine drug testing before any work contract becomes legally enforceable. In other words: You fail your drug test, the job’s gone. Makes sense to me. But no, they don’t test you again after that.

    However, if you’re handling guns or are in any way connected to people’s safety, heck yeah, the powers-that-be (preferably your own superego) better make sure you’re not UI in the line of duty …

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