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A little message to the MBTA July 7, 2010

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Dear MBTA,

I am actually not an MBTA hater. You definitely provide me with what I need mostly – a timely, quick and usually problem-less commute. However, I have to ask you something.


I know you are renovating train stations all over. Did it ever cross your mind to specifically look at one of your busiest stations and figure out how to help OLD people, people with baby carriages and strollers and whoever the hell carries more than an average purse?

There is NO escalator or elevator DOWN to the AIRPORT TRAIN PLATFORM. Yesterday, in 100 degrees weather I helped a couple carry their suitcases down (on that note: all you big guys who are occupying the free weight section at Planet Fitness every day and were walking by them, thanks for nothing, assholes). They were on their way to visit their grandkids and were both easily in their late 70s. It was hot as Hades in that t-station and there is no way to get down to the blue line level. There IS an escalator to get down to the green line level, thank you GOD. Oh wait, that one doesn’t always work…but you get my point.

I know it’s only two sets of stairs to get to the blue line, but let’s face it, MBTA: There are only two places where people can switch to the blue line. State Street and Government Center and I find it despicable that a train station, a busy station like Government Center, where you have many many many people changing trains to get to the airport, that there is NO. HELP. to bring luggage down to the platform.

I would suggest some research. If you can’t put in an elevator or escalator, check out luggage escalators.

My hometown train station in Germany has had those probably for 20 years. They run right NEXT to the stairs and have non slip rubber on top. You put your suitcase on it and it starts moving slow enough that you can walk right next to your luggage. This certainly wouldn’t help a woman with her stroller, but at least it would help the elderly and the young in 100 degrees plus weather in a non-air conditioned train station with these things.

The two elderly people were so nice. They told me next time they will drive and just park, even if it will cost them a fortune.

Don’t let me start how often I have stopped and helped women with their strollers down the stairs. When I had a visitor last year with an infant, she was equally shocked because, again, escalators were broken and there was no way to get up and down except stairs. Bummer.

Fix that damn station before some poor person hurts themselves.




GERMANY LET’S GO KICK SOME ASS TODAY. Please note what happened in Germany after the last Worldcup win against Argen-I had some steak for dinner -tinia:


4 Responses to “A little message to the MBTA”

  1. Amanda Says:

    I have it on good authority that elevators at Porter Square and Park Street stations are in the works…but you make an excellent point. Why on earth were these stations chosen over the ones you mention for elevators?? Ridiculous.

  2. Alison Says:

    The handicap accessibility of our train stations is despicable! I have struggled up and down stairs with a stroller many times (as big, burly guys push past me and offer no help) and I’ve helped many people up and down stairs with their strollers and luggage. I’ve hobbled up and down on a broken ankle and it really makes me stop and wonder how anyone in a wheelchair could possible navigate the T effectively. It’s really sad because so many people depend on the T as their main mode of transportation (like me)!

  3. Emblita Says:

    Oh gods that station was such a pain with a stroller! And I’ll have to agree with you on the general unhelpfulness of younger men there. I had an older gentleman help me on one occasion.

    Oh and the escalator that did work… ehm not wide enough for the stroller I brought with me- good thing we got the other one!
    Lets hope the MBTA listens to you :)

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