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HA! July 20, 2010

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Anyone ever have fallen into the “I will buy this dress and I will make it fit” trap?


Great, I am going to join your club. I will call the dress my motivation or fail dress.


6 Responses to “HA!”

  1. Lori Says:

    Umm yeah. All the time.

  2. Steffi Says:

    He he. You can do it!!

  3. charlotte Says:

    Um. No. I’m in the “dangit, I hate how my body looks in this beautiful dress and I should just go home, put on my sweatpants, and eat a pint of Ben&Jerry’s because I don’t deserve such a pretty dress in the first place” category.

    Sad, I know.

    Good luck with the dress, though. And when you’re there, send pictures!

  4. Maribeth Says:

    Oh yeah, join my club!

  5. Marcia Says:

    If anyone can do it you can! I’m a member of the club! LOL

  6. Tiffany Says:

    Good luck! I’ve done it, and I’ll do it again!!! I only refused to do it for my wedding dress because I was sure that it would be the one time I would lose weight in my ankles instead of my ass… that, and when under stress, I eat a lot of blue cheese. And that was especially true before the wedding.

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