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America, seriously… September 22, 2010

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Was watching morning TV and they had a little clip about a Fair in Springfield, Ma.

Topic? The place that serves fried dough now also serves fried butter balls.


You read right.




Apparently Paula Deen, the shining example of healthy weight, already tried to clog up America’s artery’s more in 2007. I found this funny little piece on “Serious Eats” which cracked me up…including all the other recipes listed that are going to kill Americans like Bacon Wrapped Fried Mac and, please hold my vomit bucket, Velveeta Fudge.

No, possums, I get it. Food is great. Food made with real butter is BETTER. And I am far from a shining star on these issues. I do eat 90% healthy and then I go out to eat on the weekend and pretty much destroy all I did during the week by getting a bread basket refill before the main meal arrives. However. Fried Butter Balls?

A friend posted on Facebook yesterday that he was shocked to see the posted calories of sandwiches during his lunch hour. He had thought that by ordering the turkey sandwich he was doing a good thing, but now that the store started posting calories, he realized that that “Good” sandwich was 790 calories.

I had a similar experience last week. For the first time in ages I hadn’t taken my own lunch, so I ran across the street to Soup and Salad and they are also now posting the calorie content and holy hell, forget all the sandwiches, there was nothing less than 550 calories and most were well over 700. Considering that my well shaped ass is sitting on an office chair all day typing on a computer? Uhm. I think not. I had the soup instead which seemed reasonable.

I am all for fast food places posting the calorie content. But please, my darling Meritage Restaurant in the Boston Bar Harbor Hotel, please don’t start posting the calorie content, because I love your food and when I go to your restaurant, I just want to indulge.

I suppose that is what it is about……Nothing wrong with some real food, real butter and such, as long as it’s in moderation. I kind of prefer to save my calories for a nice meal in a nice restaurants than blowing it on a sandwich I had perceived as healthy. ;)

Now, butter balls. *insert gag*


7 Responses to “America, seriously…”

  1. charlotte Says:

    OK, a few points here:
    1. Velveeta is *not* food. Same thing goes for Twinkies and the like.
    2. Paula Deen is not Julia Childs. The latter used butter often, but judiciously. The former might well be responsible for the deep fried butter balls.
    3. Deep fried butter balls? Ugh.
    4. I almost fell off my office chair the other day when I looked at the calorie label of my prepackaged turkey sandwich: 690 calories. Wish I’d brought my lunch from home. Which is why I made tuna salad immediately.
    5. I still believe in eating out as a luxury, so calorie counting is out in those cases.
    6. Mmmmmh … bread baskets!!!

    • kim Says:

      i was gonna leave my very own comment but then read charlottes and decided she covered 100% of everything i wanted to say only in much better words than i could have come up with. so, i’m with charlotte :)

      PS: learning the “anti diet concept” at the clinic this summer was a LIFE CHANGING experience for me. bottom line of this concept is basically the last paragraph of your post. everything’s “allowed” and nothing “forbidden” as long as it’s in moderation. makes eating much more fun! also, deep fried butter balls? *gag*

  2. san Says:

    I really wonder why it is so hard for many restaurants to bring down their calorie counts… yes, I want to indulge when I go out to eat, but not on a 800 calories turkey sandwich.

  3. Lori Says:

    Butter Balls??? Really?? Yikes. This is possibly worse than the KFC Double Downs that they are now using scantily clad college co-eds to peddle. I agree though that at high end restaurants the calories should be hidden from the consumer. I want to enjoy my Parpardelle Steam with marscapone sauce without a glaring 2000 calories shouting to me that they are creating their very own roll around my middle.

  4. andy Says:

    Oprah ate friend butter on her show. her and Gayle. It was riveting TV.

  5. Melissa Riley Says:

    So why is it that I can make my own turkey sandwich for way less calories, but yet a restaurant can’t? What is it they are adding??

    3 oz. Roast Beef 150
    2 slices oat Nut Bread 220
    1 tablespoon mayo 90

    Total calories = 460

    This is from sparkpeople.com, a website I use to track what I eat. Anyway, I can obviously drop the calories by using mustard instead of mayo, and I can add lettuce, tomato, etc to make it even better at minimal calories…so why can;t restaurants?

    • fabulouslyinboston Says:

      I’d say cause they use 9 ounces of Roast Beef…it’s America. Bigger is better, right…no idea. It’s silly.

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