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Winter parking Eastie Style January 3, 2011

Just like in Southie, Eastie residents feel pretty particular about their parking spots.

Who could blame them….I don’t own a car but I sure as HELL would sit there with a shotgun if I had dug out my car after the blizzard and some poptart decides to take advantage of my sweat and tears.

Needless to say, people put things into their parking spots when they drive away.

Yesterday afternoon, I was at a friend’s house who lives up the street. He was having a little New Year’s soiree. I was sipping on some Chardonnay (hey, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, possums!) and we were discussing if I was a gay man in my previous life (true story).

Suddenly, my friend’s house guest from England walks into the condo after having a smoke outside.

“Dude, those two guys just tried to steal your chairs!”

For real.

My friend has two folding IKEA chairs that are actually quiet nice for his parking spot blocking. Leave it to one of my gays to put out stylish chairs ;)

But then his friend continued “Your neighbor across the street lost his shit, yelled at them and chased them down the street.”

Love it.

Another reason Eastie is a great neighborhood. Neighbors look out for you. And your parking spot.


3 Responses to “Winter parking Eastie Style”

  1. Marcia Says:

    That is just such a classic story….love it and love the lilt in your voice again. Happy you are back, and heartfelt Happy New year wishes!

  2. Tiffany Says:


  3. Alison Says:

    I used to think that saving spots was so stupid, but after this blizzard we (well, Andrew, not me. I sat inside and watched) spent about 2 hours digging out the car and shoveling around the house. Our car was buried up to the roof and the snowplow and pushed a mountain of snow up against the car. After all that shoveling, there was no way we’d give up that spot!

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