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Blogs March 23, 2011

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There is one blog I read and I honestly don’t understand completely why.

Somehow I don’t really like the blogger, because everything in her life always seems to work out or is perfect. I have never really read anything of “Oh crap, this is not as planned”.

And while I think it’s possible that one person’s life always works out and while I know that we completely choose the type of information we put out into the world wide web, I have always been drawn to bloggers who allow people to see all facets of them – still mostly controlled, no doubt, but nevertheless.

I am not going to lie. I am waiting for the day where I see a post that starts with “oh crap”. Do not confuse this with wishing ill on someone. I don’t. But I keep reading wondering “is there ever something that won’t go well”.

Sometimes these post have an air of “Well, this is how I DO IT and THAT IS DEFINITELY NOT THE ONLY WAY TO DO IT BUT I THINK People who do it differently, oh well”.

Know what I mean?

I hope I never come across like that. I believe I am way more “This is how I do it” and i am either very much “This is the only way, so fuck off” or “I don’t care how you do it, this is just my opinion”.

So yes. Not everything always goes well on this blog, ha, we all know that! Especially those year-long readers. I totally appreciate all the messages on and offline I have received regarding the new blog. What always always always surprises me are the lurking folk who come out and say “Oh, don’t stop this blog though, I love reading about your life.”

Well yeah, I am sure you do, voyeur. ;)

The main reason for the new blog is that I want it to be open. Not locked up. I want to blog about stuff over there where I don’t have to protect anyone’s or my own’s privacy. I mean, clothes and pretty things, who gives a crap who writes about that. It is stuff I really enjoy to look at and take photos off.

Anyway, I got to go read a few blogs, especially one ;)


7 Responses to “Blogs”

  1. Steffi Says:

    Hm, ich weiß was Du meinst.
    Aber ich muss ganz ehrlich sagen das ich evtl. auch nicht immer alles negative im Blog schreibe. Wohingegen ich natürlich alles positive schreibe, weil das freut mich ja und ich will es mitteilen.
    Was nun aber wieder nicht heißt das es nicht auch negative Dinge gibt.

  2. Maribeth Says:

    I need to get a protected blog so I can write freely. There is so much I don’t feel I can talk about in public. You know?

  3. Steffi Says:

    @ Maribeth: I think wordpress is a good solution for that! You can make open posts and password protected posts.

  4. San Says:

    I tend to not post about the really tough stuff on my blog, because I don’t want to password-protect half of my posts… but I know what you mean. It just can’t be that EVERYTHING is going perfect for some people all the time.

  5. JOR Says:

    Haha! Clearly, you’re not talking about my blog. :) I feel like 90% of my posts could be described as “oh crap”.

  6. Stefanie Says:

    Mmmh, quite honestly, I don’t post about anything that just should not be talked about online where everyone can see and read it – especially since my blog is not password protected at all. Some people write about every single little detail in their lives but to me that’s a bit too much. My blog is mainly there to inform people about what’s going on in my life on a broader scale.

    • fabulouslyinboston Says:

      Interesting. I have a good number of people telling me “not stop writing, we love to read what’s going on in your life” but they share almost nothing about theirs. Doesn’t really bother me, since I write for me and not really for others…I try to write for others on my other blog. This my brain dump…I find if I share I get a lot back in good advice and good energy from people. It’s really helped sustain me in tough time .:)

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