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Putting the Fabulous in East Boston since 2005 -I have written about my life, my dog(s), my sex life, my my love life, my dating, my non-dating, my job searches and my soul searches since 2005. This is my space and my opinions. I use my space freely and voice my opinions freely. I call my readers possums, cause it's a cute word, not because they aren't fabulous and stunningly handsome and beautiful. :)

About June 3, 2009

I am European (like a born and raised one) with a rather significant American Twist (12 years here will do that to you). I have lived in Germany, Texas, Hawaii, Granada, Spain, Oklahoma, New York and now Boston. I have two dogs. One I had since birth and one I adopted in early 2009. They are both awesome. I speak a few languages, I have opinions and I share them voluntarily. I often speak and feel more with my heart than my head. I have been a newspaper reporter, clerk, Army wife (that’s a job actually, but thankfully I quit it), Education consultant, freelance writer, PR Manager, took care of people who make a lot of money and now I am back where I belong. Non-profit. I live in a great neighborhood.

I have blogged for years, mostly on blogger, but I am now comitted to remaining anonymous. If you use my real name on this blog, I have to send you to a gulag.


16 Responses to “About”

  1. Tiffany Says:

    Hi Fabulous!

    I like the way the WordPress blog looks. Just got over here, so if you’ve been able to personalize it, kudos! Is there a way to sign in with the password to see protected posts? I don’t know if they’re all showing up, but I also don’t see anywhere to put a password. I don’t think I’ve read a WordPress protected blog before. Hmmmm.


  2. blonde4real Says:

    Hello there Ms. Fabulous! Was wondering if I could get your password…’followed’ you for awhile..lost ya..and have found you again! Congrats on the house!

  3. Stefanie Says:

    Hey, could I please have your password. :)

  4. Viviane Says:

    Hey! I’d like to have your password as well, please! Would love to see your pics from India!

  5. cocoaval Says:

    Enjoying what I am reading so far :-). Your archives should entertain me for at least a week of days stuck in the office. Could I please have your password for your most recent stuff? Thanks!!

  6. sarahb Says:

    Hello Fabulous —
    I have enjoyed reading your blogs for a while now. You are a great writer and convey your zest for life well. I love your dogs, too. I am also in the Boston area so I enjoy hearing your slant on our fair city. But I wish I could keep up with your latest posts! So could I please get a password?

  7. Karen Says:

    I’d love the password too, and would especially love any advice you can share about possibly moving to Eastie!

  8. YVETTE Says:

    Hi FAB!!! Did you really move over to my side of Eastie? near Jeffries Point? I love that walk from the Hyatt to the Greenway, with the million dollar views, and my sailboat is parked at that Marina. Come down for a visit, soon!!! (& please send me a way to read your posts too, so I can keep up with the neighbors!) Xo.

  9. Christian Says:

    Fast hätte ich Dich mit Namen angeredet, aber dann doch noch Deinen Hinweis gelesen: Frau Fabulous! Ich räume gerade den Rechner auf, und entschied mich, mal wieder ein Schwätzchen zu machen. Da stellte ich fest, daß Du gar nicht mehr da bist, wo ich Dich erreichen konnte. Das hat natürlich meine Neugier entfacht.
    Melde Dich. Die Emails funktionieren alle noch.

  10. Alexia Says:

    Ooh, I want to follow you too!

  11. How do I follow You????

  12. Desiree Says:


    I just stumbled upon your blog while doing a google search of “skunks in Boston.” Your blog was the first search result. I’m very sad to find out that skunks have apparently been a real problem here in East Boston since at least two years ago when you wrote your post. I just moved to Eastie (Maverick) about 2 months ago and have seen an alarming number of skunks the last couple of weeks when I’ve been coming home at night. I’ve emailed our property manager about the problem and was wanting to be even more proactive by contacting the city or an animal control company (there’s actually one right across the street). I’m wondering how things went when you tried to do something about the issue? Did it get better for a while and it’s just now getting bad again? Or is this just how it is and how it’s been and always will be? I really hope not because I am absolutely terrified that I’m going to get sprayed very soon. I’ve had way too many close encounters and actually just walked up on two skunks mating the other day. Apparently they have a gestation period of 66 days…so now I have 4-7 baby skunks to look forward to in 2 months…Anyway, any advice from a wiser Eastie resident would be greatly appreciated.

    • fabulouslyinboston Says:

      Hi Desiree,

      how nice to hear from a new resident! Believe it or not…the skunk are a lot better this year. Better than ever. And it’s still not good. Last year and the year before you couldn’t leave your house without seeing one.

      we even managed to get Channel 7 or 5 to come and do a story on them…..with no real results. We did call the city, the wildlife department and what not, and the answer was (I paraphrase): Unless there is a skunk with rabies that attacks someone, we won’t do anything.”

      Not exactly helpful. Cutting down the grass in the greenway and along Marginal Street across from Piers Park has helped a TON though even if it doesn’t feel that way to you.

      You saw two skunks making out. Not so cool. My dog has gotten sprayed once so far….it’s a huge menace and I would be more than happy to start a new phone chain or what not to terrorize the city into doing something.


  13. Desiree Says:

    Oh my gosh… I can only imagine how bad it was before. I’m definitely down for being involved in this issue until I see NO MORE skunks in Eastie!

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